Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Camping Trip

The following is a story as told by Ray Comfort. Thanks and credit to Ray for such a clear illustration of what our Savior has done and what it cost Him to save us from our sin.

There was a little boy and his father who went camping deep in the woods near a lake.

After setting up camp, the boy asked his father if he might be able to go fishing at the lake while his father napped. His father agreed but instructed his son to only fish off the pier and not to board the canoe that was there because there were crocodiles in the water. The boy agreed and went on his way.

After a few minutes fishing off the pier, and not much luck, the boy thought it might be more fun to get into the canoe and fish in spite of his father's commands.

He boarded the canoe and headed out into the lake. A few minutes later, a large crocodile swam by and tipped the canoe over with its powerful tail. The boy fell into the water and let out a scream as the crocodile attached its jaws to the boy.

The father immediately ran to the lake and jumped into the water and pulled his son ashore. As the boy got off the ground he looked down to see that his father's body had been ripped apart by the crocodile as he wrestled to rescue his son from its grip. The shoreline was drenched in his father's blood as he lay there almost dead.

Now imagine this......

As the boy looks down at his father dying and he says the following. "Dad, I appreciate what you did for me out there rescuing me from that crocodile. But I found it kind of exciting out there amongst the crocs. I think I want to give it one more shot!"

It would be unthinkable!! That boy would have to walk across his father's blood to get back into the canoe. He would have to literally trample the blood of his loving father under his feet.

Reader, if you call yourself a Christian, and you are willfully sinning after you have seen the sacrifice Jesus made for you at the cross, you are that little boy getting back on the canoe. You are trampling the blood of Christ under your feet. You do not esteem the sacrifice. May it NEVER be friends. May we look at the bloody cross. See the shed blood of Christ that was shed to save us from the grip of sin, death, and hell and esteem the sacrifice that was made for us. Without the redeeming work of Christ, we are dead in our sins.

God Bless you.


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